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Ajuntament de Barcelona (BCN)

Barcelona Municipality is the local authority responsible for services for the city of Barcelona. The City Council has the competencies and develops different activities in the city: prevention, safety and mobility, urban planning and infrastructures, education, culture and social welfare, social action, environment and urban services and economic promotion.
Barcelona is one of the major European metropolises with more than 3.5 million inhabitants. It is the sixth largest metropolitan and fifth largest industrial agglomeration in Europe. Today the city and its surrounding area act as a centre of economic activities related to new technologies and advanced services in the framework of the information society.
The Barcelona City Council is strongly involved in the city transformation towards a real Smart City and taking the European leadership in that process. In order to promote the development of advanced sensors and city management solutions and foster the use of open innovation practices, the municipality launched in 2009 the “Barcelona City Lab”.
It is a part of the city including housing and working spaces and telecom infrastructures to be used by companies as a laboratory to test products in real conditions. Up to now more than 20 projects are on the process of testing their products and inventions in the Barcelona City Lab.