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Enercast GmbH (ENER)

Enercast GmbH is an international specialist in the field of renewable energies forecasts, based in Kassel, Germany, and allows the planning of the ‘new’ energy. Precise performance forecasts and predictions for wind and solar power plants allow the integration of wind and solar energy into electricity grids and energy markets. The web application enercast is based on specific algorithms developed by Fraunhofer IWES. The calculations are based on artificial intelligence – by the use of neural networks The service calculates exact feeding values for the renewable energy market.
To prevent high costs for balancing energy and to generate addition revenue, enercast offers intraday as well as day ahead forecasts for energy trader. Traders can balance the electricity for every 15 minutes and declare the volumes they wish to market directly.
The enercast platform offers extrapolation and forecasts cost-effectively and easily accessible. All measurement data, radiation as well as weather forecast data, converge on the platform. With this help, enercast can calculate the extrapolations and forecasts and deliver the data to the distribution and transmission network operators reliably and quickly.
Only the most renowned and tested data sources serve as a calculation basis for enercast: Weather Data of the most modern European weather services latest data of over 36,000 photovoltaic plants satellite-based measurement of the actual solar radiation from EUMETSAT.