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Universität Duisburg-Essen (UDE)

The Networked Embedded Systems (NES) group was founded in 2009 with the change in position of Prof. Pedro José Marrón, the head of the group, from the Universität Bonn to the Universität Duisburg-Essen. Scientists at NES have worked on research and development projects for government agencies, associations and industry. The focus of the group is communication and cooperation in distributed systems for a wide range of applications such as ambient assisted living (LIVING++, WebDA) and context-aware personal mobile devices (PECES, GAMBAS). Additionally, the group specializes in communication for safety-critical applications such as disaster recovery scenarios and industrial use of unmanned aerial and ground vehicles (AWARE, EC-SAFEMOBILE,
PLANET) and communication in critical infrastructures like smart grids. In the NOBEL project, NES investigates how to communicate efficiently in a next-generation IPv6 enabled smart grid while providing support for legacy installations. In the SkyNet project, the focus lies on integrating information from a diverse set of EMS to allow for new business processes and data analysis applications to support public authorities managing energy in future Smart Cities. Furthermore, UDE has initiated the newly founded European Research Center for Ubiquitous Technologies and Smart Cities (UBICITEC e.V.).
Member of this center and part of the management board are key players in the area like ETRA and NES. The main goal of UBICITEC is to establish a world-class center of excellence on smart cities and ubiquitous technologies to accomplish innovation in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) that is the key enabler to enhance the quality of life for everyone.