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BESOS in the launch conference of the European Innovation Partnership on Smart cities and communities in Brussels

On 26 November 2013, the Spanish company ETRA I+D was invited to present, together with other 5 organizations, in the exhibition area of the launch conference of the European Innovation Partnership on Smart cities and communities in Brussels, the main developments done in energy efficiency for Smart cities during the last years.
Specifically, during this event, ETRA I+D showed to dozens of experts in the area of Smart cities the three successful coordinated FP7 European projects: NOBEL, SMARTKYE and BESOS.
The objective of NOBEL project (Neighborhood Oriented Brokerage ELectricity and monitoring system) , that started in February 2010 and finished in December 2012, was to design and validate a new Neighbourhood Oriented Energy Monitoring and Control System in order to help network operators to improve last mile energy distribution efficiency by integrating operators’ requirements and by enabling bidirectional interaction between them. The project demonstration and evaluation results, that took place successfully in Alginet (a town near Valencia), .have been presented by The European Commission president, JosĂ© Manuel Barroso, as an example of Smart city in the Covenant of Mayors Ceremony 2013, and in the blog of the Vice-President of the European Commission and Commissioner of the EU’s digital agenda, Neelie Kroes, among other important international means of communication.
The SmartKYE project (Smartgrid Key neighborhood Indicator cockpit) strategic goal is to develop a system for the future smart grid neighborhood that will enable better business decisions to be made based on real-time fine-grained data. Key end-users targeted are the public authorities who can monitor and manage key indicators in neighbourhoods with the goal of better energy efficiency and CO2 reduction. The project, which will be demonstrated in Barcelona and Crete, started in November 2012 and its activity will continue until April 2015.
Finally, the BESOS project (Building Energy decision Support systems fOr Smart cities) objective is to enhance existing neighborhoods with a decision support system to provide coordinated management of public infrastructures in Smart Cities, and at the same time to provide citizens with information to promote sustainability and energy efficiency. BESOS project started in October 2013 and its activity will continue for 3 years and will be evaluated in Barcelona and Lisbon.
The European Commission organized the launch conference of the European Innovation Partnership on Smart cities and communities in order to share and discuss the actions outlined in the “Strategic Implementation Plan” of the Smart Cities and Communities Partnership and how to put them into practice. At the conference, the Strategic Implementation Plan and future actions by the Partnership was presented to a large audience.