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D8.3 Dissemination Actions

The aim of this document is to provide a short overview of the dissemination activities carried out during the project. This document includes the comprehensive list of events where the project has been presented, papers published and other dissemination materials prepared and used during the life time of the project. This document should be seen […]

D6.2 Demonstration Activities

The aim of this document is to provide a short overview of the demonstration activities carried out involving the two main pilot sites of BESOS i.e. the city of Barcelona in Spain, and the city of Lisbon in Portugal. This document should be seen as complementary to more detailed efforts listed in the publicly available […]

A Smart Energy Efficiency Service Platform for Barcelona

Through a number of already running R&D projects in the city of Barcelona, the authors of this paper are presenting and integrated approach to interface energy management systems in smart cities. The adopted vision involves the deployment of an Open Energy Service Platform capable to communicate and extend the functionalities of current public infrastructure. In […]