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D2.2 BESOS architecture and transferability roadmap to other smart cities

This document provides the final version of BESOS reference architecture and BESOS common information model. It also introduces the next steps to transfer this architecture to other smart cities.

D2.1.2 Reference Architecture and Data Models v2.0

This document provides the updated version of BESOS reference architecture and BESOS common information model taking into account requirements and related use cases defined in D1.1. “Requirements and Use cases specification” and the review results for the 1st version of the Deliverable.

D3.1: Design and Specification of the OTESP

The Design and Specification of the OTESP, describes the Open Trustworthy Energy Service Platform that is going to be developed in work package 3 in the BESOS project. This deliverable is the only textual deliverable of WP3, while the other deliverables in this work package are implementation deliverables which describe the developed prototypes. This deliverable […]

D1.3: Key Performance Indicators

This document is a short report in the Key performance indicators to be used within the project.

D1.1: Requirements and Use Case Specification

This document lists the requirements and use cases of the BESOS project found during the require-ments analysis phase.