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Portugal Telecom Inovação, SA (PTIN)

Portugal Telecom Inovação, SA develops innovative and competitive services and solutions for the telecommunications market. Our success has been built and sustained on the competences we can call on in applied research, technology integration, services and solutions development, telecommunications engineering and training services. Major products include systems and solutions for intelligent networks (IMS – next […]

Lisboa E-Nova Agencia Municipal De Energia E Ambiente De Lisboa (LBN)

LISBOA E-NOVA is a non-profit association operating under private law that seeks to contribute to the sustainable development of the city of Lisbon through mainstreaming good practices in urban planning, construction, urban management and mobility, involving all the city’s key stakeholders, among political decision makers, all major urban stakeholders and the citizens of Lisbon. LISBOA […]

Hypertech AE (Hypertech)

HYPERTECH established back in 1997, in Athens, Greece, is among the leading IT Knowledge and Content Management Solutions firms. The Company provides IT Outsourcing (ITO), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) on specific domains like Sustainable ICT Infrastructures, Multimodal Information Management, Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Enterprise & Organizational Modeling, Optimization and Automation […]

Ajuntament de Barcelona (BCN)

Barcelona Municipality is the local authority responsible for services for the city of Barcelona. The City Council has the competencies and develops different activities in the city: prevention, safety and mobility, urban planning and infrastructures, education, culture and social welfare, social action, environment and urban services and economic promotion. Barcelona is one of the major […]

COBRA Instalaciones y Servicios S.A. (COBRA)

Cobra Group possesses extensive experience in the development, construction, operation and maintenance of industrial facilities and power plants. It is not only an active company in the fields of promotion, development, EPC construction, operation, maintenance and sales management of power generated by solar thermal power plants and wind farms, but is also known for its […]

FICO Cables Lda (FICO)

Ficosa is an independent multinational group founded in 1949, engaged in the research, development, production and commercialization of systems and components for automobiles, commercial and industrial vehicles. With its headquarters in Barcelona (Spain) and a new R&D Plant in Viladecavalls (Spain), the Group has a team of more than 7200 professionals divided into 5 Business […]

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BESOS mission

BESOS is an EU Research and Development project funded by the EC in the context of the 7th Framework Program that proposes the development of an advanced, integrated, management system which enables energy efficiency in smart cities from a holistic perspective. To that end, the Energy Management Systems deployed in a typical district that are consuming or producing energy, and […]


BESOS Project kick off in Barcelona

The new BESOS (Building Energy decision Support systems fOr Smart cities) R+D Project has kicked off in the “Filmoteca de Catalunya” led by the company ETRA I+D. The project is part of the EU FP7 program, whose main goal is the gradual reduction of the EU’s carbon footprint via development and application of new technologies, […]

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