2ª Conferência "Cidades Inteligentes – Cidades do Futuro"

Fórum Picoas Avenida Fontes Pereira de Melo, 38 Lisbon


Build an intelligent city is to emerge from a strategy to mitigate the problems caused by urban population growth and rapid urbanization. The generalization of the smart city concept requires the understanding and analysis of the various factors that relate: infrastructure, economy, management and organization, technology, governance, etc. These factors form the basis of an integrated structure, which help to understand how public authorities, in close cooperation with private entities, universities and centers I & D, associations and local agencies, are predicting the various initiatives for an intelligent city.
After the success of the first edition of this Conference, in 2013, and at a time when several Portuguese municipalities are already apply intelligent solutions in the most diverse areas, from mobility, through water management, energy efficiency or even by residues, it is necessary to create a space for sharing and integration solutions, going to meet the European innovation Partnership advocated by thein Smart Cities and Communities initiative, where “it is necessary to join the cities, industry and citizens to improve the quality of urban life, through sustainable and integrated solutions. This process includes innovation, better planning, greater participation, greater energy efficiency, better transportation solutions or intelligent use of information and communication technologies.
2nd Edition desta Conference will go debrucar – is about as policies, strategies and initiatives underwent more extensive national and European, passando hairs cases of Portuguese, showing municipalities you cases practical and as applications that are to be used, to obtain da sua Integração e a questão da Segurança e Privacy two dice.

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